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Dracaena Masoniana aka Whale Fin Snake Plant bears its nickname due to its unusually wide, paddle-like leaves. We love its beautifully mottled dark and light green leaves and the structural aesthetic it brings to a space. Making a huge statement with just one leaf, the Whale Fin Sansevieria is quite the standout among houseplants.


Staying true to its genus, this hard to find snake plant is easy going and adapts well to low light spaces. A beautiful structural addition to any space + a definite conversation starter


Snake plants are some of the most resilient and hard to kill plants you can find. A great office or beginner plant with wonderful air purifying qualities studied by NASA.


Did you know these babes produce Oxygen 24/7 vs. most plants who switch to taking in oxygen at night? A perfect bedroom companion in our opinion💤🌿

Whale Fin Snake Plant

  • ☀️ low - bright indirect light

    💦 water 2 x month, do not overwater

  • Usually ready within 2 hours. Pickup inside the shop, just mention store pickup + your last name🌿

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