A fan favorite + one of the hardiest houseplants we carry, Sansevierias are easy going, low maintainace plants. The Moonshine features silvery green foliage that creates a beautiful contrast with other greens in your home.


Sansevierias aka Snake Plants come in a variety of beautiful colors and shapes. These plants are some of the most resilient and hard to kill plants you can find. A great office or beginner plant with wonderful air purifying qualities studied by NASA. These babes produce Oxygen 24/7 vs. most plants who switch to taking in oxygen at night? A perfect bedroom companion in our opinion💤🌿

Sansevieria Moonshine

  • ☀️ low - bright indirect light

    💦 water 2 x month, do not overwater

  • Usually ready within 2 hours. Pickup inside the shop, just mention store pickup + your last name🌿