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Curly Spider Plant is a popular, sought after specimen due to its wild curls + compact look😍. This variegated beauty makes a perfect beginner plant due to its easy-going nature and has amazing air cleaning properties. These beauties do well in low - bright indirect light and are pet friendly 🐶😸.


Spider plants have been shown to remove unhealthy toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air according to a NASA study.


A mature and healthy plant will develop little plantlets on the end of its stems that you can pinch + propagate into new plants🌱


Curly Spider Plant

Out of Stock
  • ☀️ medium - bright indirect light

    💦 every 7-10 days, when top 2" of soil is dry

  • Usually ready within 2 hours. Pickup inside the shop, just mention store pickup + your last name🌿

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